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* Dedicated Account Manager to learn your business

* Knowledgable Experts from Sales to Billing & Support

* Upto 50% faster hardware fulfilment than our competition

* Save up to 30% of your existing telecommunications provider

* Fulfillment Team to assist with initial deployment and maintenance

Communicate Effortlessly


Knowledgeable experts with competitive prices give you the peace of mind when you get your next SuperPhone

Small Business

The right network and the right people to guide you through it makes all the difference when you are a Small Business Owner

Medium & Enterprise

Power your company with one of Canada's best national 5G Network with the latest in Technology and IoT

Wireless Backup Connectivity

Ensure continuous uptime and provide a secure connection for critical business applications with Wireless Backup.

Remote Monitoring

With better visibility into your geographically dispersed assets you can speed up decisions, improve customer service and lower labour cost.

Digital Signage

Engage customers with timely, targeted messaging and relevant up-to-the-minute information with digital signage.

Smart Supply Chain

Get a unified view of your trucks, trailers, drivers and cargo - reducing business complexity and be more competitive.

Asset Management

Maintain control of your assets wherever they are to better manage your inventory.

Energy Management

Monitor Energy consumption to optimize operational efficiencies and control energy cost.

Smart Cities

Operate more efficiently, utilize assets more effectively and save money all while improving citizens’ quality of life.

And Much More

to reimagine your business

Smart Buildings

Gather real-time insights about your buildings to deliver better outcomes for owners, managers and occupants.

Satellite TV

Television service that's reaches rural areas and beyond . . .

Canada's Best Satelite TV

Enjoy truly amazing TV with ultra-stunning picture quality, the most-loved channels and a combination of features with our exclusive whole home PVR.

Watch on any screen

Bring your TV service to your tablet, smartphone and laptop and access up to 200 live and on demand channels with the best TV-watching app.

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